Courage, Strength and Magic

“There Are Three Things You’ll Need on Your Quest: Courage, Strength & Magic” – Merlin

The New Moon in Aquarius this year shares the spotlight with Imbolc aka. St. Brigid’s Day, which celebrates the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It can be a “magical” day if you declare intentions with a small ritual of candle lighting and sage to welcome the beginning of Spring’s energy in the western hemisphere.

We can use the energy of the New Moon, coupled with the forward movement of Venus and Mercury Direct, to act as a self motivator.

People tend to get into habitual grooves. The subconscious does this for efficiency; however it works against us too often, especially with our self talk. We repeat the same conversations in our self talk over and over again and most of us are unaware of this loop. I’ve noticed once people recognize they’re doing this they’ll replace one conversation with another, but leave the pattern intact. Example: Do I do this or do that? Then, when the question has been answered, another variation of it takes its place and the looping continues. Around and around.

In order to break this thought looping you need to be aware that it’s happening. Take a look at your thoughts. Pay attention to the thoughts you’re repeating over and over again. Once you’ve identified the most common thread, then the process of moving your record needle out of that grove becomes possible.

If you can not identify your most prevalent thoughts, look around you. Your home, your friends, your finances, your love life, your health are indicators of your dominant thoughts.

The beauty of this work is that all you need to do is make a slight change, but a lasting change in your life. Change something. Change a habit. Change the way you wear your hair, your clothes, your exercise routine. Change up your social circle. It doesn’t matter where you begin. Change SOMETHING about you. Remember, even a few millimeter difference can make a profound change in playing golf, basketball, and flying to the moon! And it can make that difference for YOU, too, provided you do it.

What others are saying…

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Where do you start? Make a DECISION! Commit to something you haven’t really committed to before. Declare the commitment and FEEL the commitment in your body. Write it down. Think back to a time in your life when you made an important decision and how you felt it in your body,. You committed to it and the energy drove you towards it and you never looked back.

After you’ve made the commitment, have a ritual to nail it! Dance it in with your favorite music while chanting, or do something as simple as a surrender meditation. (See below – I have one already prepared for you!)


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