Predicting the Future & Past Predictions Now Unfolding

Elly Molina predicting the future

Those of us who work with forecasting the future, know that timelines are not linear. Albert Einstein wrote in his later years, “The past, present, and future all exist simultaneously” and that’s how it works when it comes to making predictions for the future. What science has been teaching us is a better understanding of Einstein’s jest of “spooky actions at a distance.” His “spooky actions at a distance” known as quantum entanglement, helps me explain and understand the phenomena of telepathy, telekinesis, and other psi-abilities.

Back in New York, during the early 1990s, ladies regularly arrived as early as 8 am on a Saturday morning to patiently wait for their coffee grinds reading. My kids hibernated in their rooms until the last client left around 12 pm. I did psychic readings from my house for years, until moving to Washington State in 2008. I have done phone readings with people from all over the world. Every January, I have clients who enjoy a general yearly reading. When enough people ask for a general reading, patterns emerge. The patterns that emerged in early 2015 had me create predictions for 2016. The following are predictions I publicly made in 2015. Here is what I wrote: 

This is the first time I have publicly sent out my predictions. I am not an alarmist. Actually, I’m more of a Pollyanna-type person. However, with Neptune Direct, ( we look at the world minus our rose-colored glasses and see what is unfolding before us. Here are my predictions and what you can do to prepare for 2016:

We’ll see an increase in random attacks on police in the US and Europe.

We’ll see an increase in lawlessness throughout the United States. There will be more cases of looting, shooting, and pure lawlessness, where civilians start taking the law into their own hands.

Natural disasters continue to increase throughout the year. This includes more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, land and mudslides, and unexplained sinkholes. 

There will be an economic fluctuation in the market in March/April. I see something happening with the stock market during this time.

We can expect to see increased violence and lawlessness in Europe. The situation in Germany will continue to worsen and will reach critical dimensions by October 2016.

Gun sales will increase; people who previously laughed at the idea of stockpiling supplies and preparing for hard times will now be participating in purchasing dehydrated food, water, guns, and ammunition.

More people will be moving away from cities and heading to properties where they can have a certain level of sovereignty.

There will be severe tensions mounting between the United States and other foreign powers. 

We will find ourselves without a President in November 2016.

We will see the largest increase of homeless families in major US cities since the Great Depression of 1930.

You may be thinking, how can I have my best year ever? 

If you believe in parallel universes and multiple timelines, then you’ll believe it is also possible to shift your experiences through your intentions. How can you live and walk in a parallel universe, and possibly be unaffected by events happening in the world? Well, let’s look at 2008.  Millions of Americans were affected by the financial crisis, and yet, others thrived and saw their best years ever. If you want to walk through 2016, contributing, changing the world, and being a lightworker, and your greatest Self, ever, you can do this. First, you’ll need to take care of yourself and your loved ones. This involves emergency preparedness programs, like having provisions at hand such as dehydrated food and a water supply), having extra blankets, flashlights, batteries, and at least one, old fashioned, standard phone (the ones which work without satellites and batteries) Having an alternative form of currency, such as silver or gold, will be important. If you’ve been thinking of purchasing gold or silver, do so, and just leave it on hand. It’s kind of like purchasing life or home insurance. We hope we never use it, still, it’s worth having peace of mind.

With your emergency preparedness intact,  you can carry on with your lofty ideas, empowering and making a difference for the planet. When you’re not in survival mode, you can be a contributing and powerful force to the planet.

If you’d like to know my predictions for you, personally, you can schedule a combined astrological & psychic reading with me. We’ll look at your personal transits and how they will affect you in the coming year, ensuring that you’ll have your BEST YEAR EVER, despite circumstances.

Back to Today: The planet needs you to be lightworkers. Whether you believe this or not, I believe you’ve been incarnated during this lifetime to serve as the bridge between the dimensions and the dimensional split happening now. You’ll need to muster all your mental fortitude and awareness. You’ll need to practice ongoing consciousness and awareness. You’ll need to teach others what you know about the way our Universe works. 

I believe each one of us will need to access higher consciousness and deeper psychic tools to navigate the future. I’d also like to add: In the past when I have shared my predictions, ie. the World Trade Tower 2001/ the economic crises of 2008, Sandy in 2012, I’ve been accused and judged as an alarmist and someone who is spreading negativity into the world. When I published my predictions for this upcoming crisis, I received the same feedback and comments. When psychics “see” we can only choose to share or ignore. I shared these predictions years ago and am happy to share that many of my clients prepared for these days to come. 

It is now up to us to drastically and quickly alter the trajectory we’re on. We can do this as Light Workers, holding the focus, and creating a new reality! 


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