Moon Rituals and White Light Blessings

moon rituals

Rituals for the New Moon, Full Moon, and White Light Blessing:

Here are a few New Moon Rituals you can do by yourself on or around the New Moon. The energy of each New Moon is with us for approximately 4 days; two days prior and two days post the actual day of the New Moon.

Depending on your ethnic background, most people have celebrated New and Full Moons since the evolution of man. Each New Moon is symbolic of new beginnings, new projects, and or ventures. It’s a great time to start any personal growth or professional project. One of my all-time favorite rituals is to create a New Moon Wish List.

Prior to beginning any ritual, it’s important to cleanse the space around you. You can do this with sage, palo santo, or any other ritual item you use for cleansing. You can put together aromatherapy blends and use them as well. It’s up to your imagination what kind of ritual works best for you.

In a journal, list up to 10 intentions you plan or wish to bring to fruition. Write all your wishes in the present tense. Put a date on the top of the page. Remember to say Thank You to the Universe/God at the end of the page. You can fold the journal page and write the date on it. Then, remember to check back in a few weeks or months and you’ll be amazed at how many of your manifestations have happened.

Another ritual to implement is to light your candles and dance in the creation of what you wish to manifest. It’s always fun to do these in front of a fireplace or fire pit when possible.

New Moon & Full Moon Rituals:

Candles ( best to use the color associated with the work you are doing)  

Red Candles – passion, love, 

Pink Candles-bringing in new love

White Candles- cleansing, purifying, healing, 

Blue Candles- Healing, Meditation, Higher Consciousness- Third Eye Work

Green- bringing in money and abundance 

Brown- getting grounded 

A fireplace (no fireplace… pretend you have one.. Use your imagination. Live in the woods, have a backyard, create or use your fire pit.

Frankincense/diffuser (Frankincense is great for purifying so always have some at home)

Sage or Palo Santo




Paper and Pen/pencil

Personally, I enjoy doing this ritual when it’s dark outside. Magic is magic and energy is energy. It still works. The best time is either two days prior, the day of, or up to two days post.

Light your candles and your fireplace. Use your room diffuser to light the frankincense. Then, play music in the background as your write out your top ten things to release for the month or in general for the Full Moon.  For example, if you’re single and bringing in love, release your single life. If you’re overweight, release your weight. If you say you broke, release that and prepare to bring in your abundance. You get the idea.

Then begin to dance as the fireplace burns and your candles are lighted. Dance out the old and dance in the new. Dance the way our ancestors did back when they celebrated and had rituals. Then, as you dance, release, release, release, and when you feel you have danced the release dance enough, give your list of things you have surrendered to the fire (or candles) Then, take large deep breaths, and while facing east open your arms wide in acceptance and repeat:

I now allow, accept, and receive infinite abundance and goodness into my life. I now accept all my dreams, wishes, and desires into my life. Thank you, Universe/God. So Be It and So It Is

For the New Moon:

The rituals are basically the same, only you write out the top ten wishes you wish to create. The New Moon is a time of creating.

White Light Blessing:

White Light Blessing is a ritual I do depending on the planetary energy. I prefer working on either new or full moons. The moon’s energy begins affecting our days in advance and days beyond.

White Light Energy is beneficial to any dream, wish, or goal you have. You vibrate at your unique energetic frequency. No one has your energetic signature. It’s like your fingerprint. On this important day, use the White Light Blessing to release the old and create the new. 

What is the White Light Energy? I use the symbolic solder and energy to create a unique figurine with your signature energy. This process taps into source energy and helps quicken results and is truly alchemical. If you are interested in having the White Light Blessing with a short reading that accompanies this ritual, please use this link to schedule your session.  


Here is a testimonial of what can occur after a White Light Blessing.

“I called Elly and had my first white light blessing reading. Going into it having no expectations, I kept an open heart and a clear mind which together allowed for a safe and welcoming environment for the reading to begin with. Once the intentions were set, Elly interpreted the metal figurine that came to be for me. The images that appeared are not what’s important, because I would imagine, it’s unlikely any two people would get the same image. What mattered most about the reading what the message she was able to communicate from both the symbolic image and her perception of the energy it gave off.

The main message that Elly delivered to me from the white light blessing was that I was on my way to spiritual transformation & financial independence. A month before my reading, I experienced a heartbreaking end to a serious relationship. Though I knew the relationship needed to end, at the time I did not know just how important the relationship ending would mean to my spiritual awakening. I’ve always been very intuitive and perceptive, however in the last 6 weeks since my reading, I have developed much stronger abilities in being what Elly would call being “Frequency Specific”. It’s as if my already intuitive antenna received an upgrade to a big satellite dish. Not only have I been able to recognize others’ emotions and thoughts before they’re even spoken, I can also feel the presence of friends and family before I physically hear from them either on the telephone or in-person almost daily now! This ability has empowered me so much giving me even more confidence to act on instinct and attract the right attention at exactly the right moments.

What others may call coincidence, I call synchronicity. Since my white light blessing, things in my life have felt very in sync. It’s as though the light inside of me has been turned up to full power and everything and everyone is attracted to it allowing me open any door I wish to walk thru. This inspiring experience has left me feeling more empowered than ever, giving me the added push to break free from the comfortable and get familiar with the uncomfortable. The best way I can think to describe it is that I feel that I truly am full of love, light and most of all, magic!” – Anonymous

Full Moon Ritual – July 23, 2021:

Fiery Crystals: Amber and/or Carnelian Place your crystals in a grid and add your other favorite ones alongside.

Anoint your candles with essential oils for cleansing, releasing, and manifestations ( Frankincense & Chamomile are perfect for cleansing, healing and patchouli is fabulous for manifesting)

Create your list of things/ people/ behaviors, circumstances that you have held onto for years!! Get rid of it NOW, Learn to work in the quantum field with Quantum energies. Release and Burn! So Be It! So It Is!

There are so many new age wanna-be healers emerging right now putting forth predictions, rituals, messing around in the Quantum Field without any knowledge of what they are doing. Please be careful whom you are following and listening to. The world is currently filled with charlatans, would-be healers, new-age Tarot readers and so much more!

Full Moon Ritual – March 28, 2021:

  • Download the Hexagram for placing your crystals. Crystals need to be placed on the Hexagram to absorb the light of the Full Moon’s Energy.
  • Obsidian, Moonstone , Carnelian, Spirit Quartz
  • Candles: Red, Pink, White
  • Rose, Jasmine, Clary Sage, Ylang-Ylang, Neroli
  • Sage or Palo Santo
  • Pen, Paper, Notebook and the beginnings of a vision board if inspired


Sage Your Work Area. Dress your candle before lighting it with one of the delicious essential oils mentioned above. For this ritual, it’s vital you focus on creating your new version and character of yourself. Remember, William Shakespeare, said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”

On paper, release the old part you’ve been playing. Burn it and let it go. Create your new role for this new world we are entering. Then, live into your part! The Moon, Mars, and Saturn in magical conjunctions will only add and enhance this new version of you!

Full Moon Ritual – January 28, 2021:

What you’ll need:

  • Opal, Pearl or Moonstone (these delicious crystals are wonderful to wear at this time
  • Also at this time it’s important to clean all your crystals with moonlight for the work you’ll be doing this coming year will be intense!)
  • Frankincense, Jasmine,
  • Candles: White or Silver
  • Sage or Palo Santo
  • Pen, Paper, Notebook and the beginnings of a vision board if inspired


Sage Your Work Area. Dress your candle before lighting it with one of the delicious essential oils mentioned above. For this ritual, it’s vital you focus on releasing all of the unwanted energies of 2020, AND… this luckiest Full Moon of the Year requires that you create what you want as well!

Burn unwanted names of people, places, events in a fire pit, or use your candles to burn these as you dance wildly connecting with your ancestors and those who have lived long before us on this planet. May you release all unwanted energies and all unlike love from this past year!

And then mindfully, respectfully, trusting and knowing, allow, accept and receive all the magical goodness the kissing of the Sun and Jupiter have for you on this auspicious day!

Full Moon Ritual – November 14, 2020:

What you’ll need:

  • Citrine and obsidian ( it’s ok if you don’t have both. If you’re going to be doing White Magic also known as sympathetic magic, it’s good to have a crystal collection)
  • Fresh Basil ( soak your fresh basil in cold fresh water for 24 hours before this ritual!) Then remove the basil and keep the water for the cleansing part
  • Patchouly
  • White Candle

The Ritual:

Light your white candle and perform a blessing and incantation. Then, take the fresh basil water, add a few drops of patchouli to the water and begin to wipe down counters and cabinets ( it will not stain if you only use a few drops) While wiping down cabinets and counters, speak your intentions to the Universe of what you are manifesting. You are cleaning and releasing… so you don’t need to say what you’re releasing.. the Universe already knows that… the cleaning is to allow, accept and receive the new!

Lay your crystals out on your cleaned countertops and voila! you’ve completed your New Moon Ritual for this month!

Full Moon Ritual – October 31, 2020:

FULL MOON OCTOBER 31st Permanently Release Ritual: 

What is dead may never die” “motto of The Iron Islands Tribe in Game of Thrones but on this Full Blue Moon, October 31st, a turbulent night of midnight blue madness, you can be sure that what is dead is dead and what is emotionally dead permanently remains dead! 

This is the mystical eve, where the night winds will assist you to permanently release anything you truly wish to be rid of, once and for all. And, then, you’ll never resurrect it again with your thoughts, emotions, and energy!

What does it look like to release something PERMANENTLY????

For one, there are spells, incantations, energy work, etc. and then the final episode is to delete and de-story it from your thoughts and energy field. If you think of it again. STOP! You can control that! You can learn to control where your thoughts aka monkey mind go!  

One of the methods I teach in my Quantum Leaping and MindPower Consulting programs is learning to consciously control where your awareness goes and control when and where your “mind wanders”. You, ultimately are the only one in control of that. There are exercises and activities you can learn and work with daily to maintain that control and awareness. Now, let’s return our awareness to the dazzling, powerful energies of this Full Blue Moon! Here’s a ritual to help you rid yourself once and for all: 

You’ll need:

Paper and Pen

Blue and Gold are your thematic colors

Crystals: Lapis Lazuli ( anything deep blue)

Herbs and Aromatherapy: Thyme or Blue Chamomile ( luxury oil you’ll want in your aromatherapy collection)

The Ritual:

Create the Space around your work… Sage or Palo Santo your circle 

Anoint your white candle with Blue Chamomile oil or sprinkle freshly dried Thyme around your candle

Write up your list of what you are releasing and ending. Never to be resurrected again… ie.. single life, weight, health concerns, release it and then remind yourself to stop talking about it and only speak about what you want 

Then, inhaling the beautiful oil of blue chamomile, envision your life without this “thing” you are releasing. Experience the joy, gratitude, beauty, and effervescence of life devoid of this negative situation or feeling.
Then, burn your list and know that it is gone forever!
Take the ashes from your list and either bury them in the earth or release them to the sea! 
So be it and so it is!

New Ritual for Libra New Moon on October 16, 2020:

This New Moon in Libra, may be troublesome due to the surrounding transits and planets.  It’s best to create our wishes and desires from a place of peace, equanimity and love. Practice self awareness and see a collective higher conscious awareness. 

The Ritual:  Materials: 

Lavender, Frankincense 

Sage or Palo Santo 

White or opalescent Candle

Paper and Pen/Pencils 

Opal, Moonstone

Carefully and intentionally set up your ritual space. Sage or Palo Santo the area around where you’ll be writing your intentions.   Light your candle and begin writing your intentions. When you are done with your intentions you may fold them in the Libra energy.  Place your intentions, that your’ve written on your paper under your candle. Careful not to burn your paper!

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