Use Scrying to Empower Yourself on a Full Moon

crystal ball

Flowers are in bloom, spring is here, and what an exquisite time for some full moon “magic”, the kind our ancestors used to help with attaining their wishes, dreams, and desires.

On the next full moon, why not practice with scrying? Scrying is the ancient practice of looking into a reflective object, such as a crystal ball, a mirror, a bowl of water, to see or predict the future. If you live near the water, you can even go down to a lake, sit at its bank, and use the reflection of the moon on the water to guide you to higher realms where you’ll access your higher divine consciousness, the universal consciousness, and receive messages from the other side. What fun to reconnect with your ancestors in this way! Many of us have been severed from our natural roots. It’s so important for our health, mind, and spirit to reconnect with the elements in such a fun way. As you scry, ask for information to be given to you. Ask your ancestral spirits to show you what you need to know to achieve your dreams.

Enjoy the next Full Moon by practicing seeing the future for yourself?

If you need some assistance in learning how to scry, check out my YouTube video here:

Scrying with Elly

I hope you create an amazing experience and enjoy experimenting with scrying! I’d love to hear about any experiences you had while doing it!

As always, I’m available for quick check-ins, readings, intuitive/psychic coaching, and astrological insights.

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