Your Mind’s Eye: The Power Of Visualization

woman using power of visualization

Your third eye, known as the pineal gland, is a tiny pine cone-shaped gland in your brain, which produces serotonin and melatonin. This gland regulates our sleep cycles, as well as our emotional states. It also contains the secret to unlocking our true human potential. 

The ancient Greeks knew the pineal gland as the realm of thought. Buddhists called it the spiritual awakening and in Hinduism, it is the activator of the third eye chakra for clairvoyance and intuition, connecting the physical and spiritual worlds. The pineal gland gives us access to other dimensions and allows us to see beyond what we believe to be humanly possible. It’s also known as our Mind’s Eye and the home for powerful visualizations.

Once you’ve mastered the Art of Powerful Visualization you’ll be able to call in anything materially not present in your life. It’s an art and a skill that needs constant and deliberate practice. Start seeing yourself see things into existence and then deliberately speak the things you wish to see yourself as though they were already here. Stop “hoping”, “wishing”, “needing” and “wanting” 

If you don’t really know “how” to visualize well or effectively, there are some fabulous books available. Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization, first published in 1978, is as effective today as it was then. You can pick up any resource on visualization techniques at Jose Silva created his method back in the ’60s and was used by Shakti Gawain, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, even Gabby Bernstein, to name only a few.

Jose used his own methods to win the lottery which provided him with the funds to continue his research in creative visualization and the powers of the mind. Stella Adler’sThe Art of Acting is an excellent resource, too! 

With training in this area, you’ll soon learn you can access and develop your own psychic and intuitive abilities. 
During my workshops in accessing and developing your psychic and intuitive ability, we work with the information from your pineal gland. The starting point for our work is through meditation; a quick and easy way to enter the deeper brainwave states of alpha or theta.

Last year, at one of my Seattle Workshops, a participant went into a very deep alpha and through my guided exercise, remote viewed (see without eyes) into the treasure chest on the stage. At the conclusion of the exercise, when asked, “What did you see in the box?” He reported :

“It’s black and white. It’s got curves ( he drew a half-moon shape) It’s got lots of curves, like waves, just black and white, only colors I see. I see the half-moon shape and it’s cold. Very cold. Like ice or snow.” 

Imagine his surprise and excitement when I revealed a small figure of the character from Game of Thrones, Jon Snow! Look at the image. It’s black and white. Jon’s beard is in the shape of a half-moon. Notice the details of curves on Jon’s cloak! And, anyone following Game of Thrones, knows that Jon is King of the North and lives in snow and ice! 

This participant was just blown away by his own ability. It was the first time he had ever attempted a remote view. Can anyone do this? Yes, and you can, too, if taught the nuances. How can this help you in your everyday life? The euphoria and confidence generated from knowing you can see an object, locked in a box, 50 feet away, transfers to everyday life! It might be enough to say, “Wow, if I can do that, what else can I do? Why would I be afraid to call x or ask for y or make a move to a new job or create my own business? 

The potential to strengthen the work with the pineal gland is unlimited and the extra benefits of euphoria and hormonal release provide incredible confidence in our own remarkable human abilities.

If you are curious about your own abilities and how you, too, can learn to access, develop and trust them, contact me today!

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